How do I become a learner on LeggUP?

Register a learner's account on LeggUP with an email and password.  If you have a company code or qualifying email address, you can proceed as an enterprise learner. After that, add your basic information and complete our engagement questionnaire to define your goals and skills. Once you’re ready to go, you can start searching for coaches immediately and contact them right through the LeggUP platform.

What is the difference between individual and enterprise learners?

Enterprise learners use the LeggUP package that his/her company obtains. The main difference between enterprise and individual learners is whether the learner or the company pays for the monthly software service fee. Companies can choose to pay for groups of employees as an employee benefit. If you are an individual you can search coaches, but will need to pay the monthly or yearly subscription to connect with coaches on the platform.

How can I login as an enterprise learner?

Please, contact your HR or Talent Development leader in regard to receiving a company code or using your company email address. Your organization determines how you’re able to login and what services are offered to you.

Can I use my LinkedIn/ Twitter/ Google+/ Facebook/ to sign up?

You can use your LinkedIn account to sign up! LeggUP creates an account using your LinkedIn data, such as your name and email. You can set up a password later in your profile to use direct login. Use your account settings pop-up to make changes. Currently, we support social sign up via LinkedIn only.

How do I pay for career coaching on LeggUP?

Once you have selected a coach to work with they will create an invoice and it will appear in your Billing tab. Use your credit card to pay for the services and begin to schedule your sessions.

How do I start working?

We highly recommend that you complete our engagement questionnaire and add basic information to your profile! With more information, its easier for coaches to begin working with you. With this, coaches will set up an action plan so you can achieve your professional goals on our platform.

Next, you can focus on finding a coach! Visit your "Search for a Coach" page or contact a coach from your list of suggested coaches. After you have contacted a coach, he/she will appear in your LeggUP Lab and you can start working with him/her.

What information should I provide in my profile to start working on LeggUP?

We recommend that you add as much information as possible. This will make it easier for coaches to work with you, since they will know more about you!  Also, if you tell us about your goals, coaches will be able to set up an action plan for you on LeggUP.

How can I create my landing page?

Your profile very similar to your landing page, but your landing page is the public page where coaches can find you on LeggUP. The only difference is that we do not show coaches your private information, like your age and your phone number, on your landing page. Click the "Preview Landing Page" button to see how your landing page is shown to our coaches!

What areas of coaching does LeggUP offer?

We offer coaching in 3 career development cornerstones; Culture, Talent and Strategy and 9 career development categories.
1. Building High Performance: the foundation of effective teamwork and collaboration
2. Career Empowerment: find your voice and amplify your message
3. Wellness: commit to a healthier and happier future
4. Innovation Coach: develop a framework for capturing your ideas
5. Leadership Coach: gain confidence, build trust
6. Transition Coach: take the next step in your career
7. Financial Acumen: navigate corporate finance
8. Project Management: create actionable plans ready for implementation.
9. Business Development: ask the right questions and build long term relationships.

What are the main features in my account and where can I find them?

You’ll be able to find your main features on your side menu. To start, you’ll see your dashboard. Here, you'll have your news feed, some useful statistics, and your connections. To find a coach, visit "Search for a Coach" page. The LeggUP Lab is your main workspace with your coaches where you will have all of your coaching interactions.

You also have the calendar to add and check your sessions. My Profile is located both in the side menu and in the header menu - this is where you can store all your personal data. Lastly, you have a help desk widget to send messages or ask us questions.

What are the steps I should take to start working with my coaches?

1. Search for a coach and add them to your contact list.
2. Start talking with him/her in your chat.
3. Schedule and complete a free chemistry session to get acquainted.
4. Discuss the details for your coaching plan.
5. The coach will create an invoice that will appear in your billing tab
6. Use the LeggUP lab workspace for your coaching video meeting.
7. Don’t forget to rate your coaching plan and interaction!

Do you protect my personal data? Is it safe to work on your platform?

Yes, we do! We make sure your personal data is protected to the highest degree. We use the most up-to-date and current tools and technology to keep your information safe and secured. To increase the security and the safety of our database and your data, we use the Amazon RDS service as a DB (database). RDS encryption uses the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data. We collaborate only with highly respected services that can process your data, such as Amazon AWS and Stripe Payment Processing.

What web browsers does LeggUP support?

We offer access to LeggUP though Chrome and Firefox. Currently we do not support Safari at this time, but apple users can download the chrome browser here: https://www.google.com/chrome/

Where can I get help?

We highly recommend to use our “Demo Tour” available on each page. This will give you an overview of what can be done on each page. On the other hand, the easiest way to get help is to use our help desk widget. Through the help desk, you can have a live chat with our team. If we are offline, you can send us a message or check our knowledge database for questions using the support button at the top of your screen.