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Coaching As An Employee Benefit

Finding clients and developing your business can be a struggle, and constantly having to keep track of payments and billing can distract from what you love most about the business: the coaching! As individual practitioners and business owners it can be hard to gain access to enterprise customers. LeggUP offers an easier way forward.

We partner with enterprises across the globe to help employees find their passion and engage in meaningful work. We invite them to the LeggUP platform to experience coaching for all, offered as an employee benefit. There are two ways the employee can pay for and recieve coaching. First the individual employee pays for coaching themselves or alternatively the employee may have received an investment in their LeggUP Wallet from their employer. All of the transactions happen on the LeggUP platform.

A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.

Tom Landry

What LeggUP does for You

More Exposure

Have access to more coaching prospects than ever before in the lively, fully global LeggUP community.


Not all coaches are created equal! Stand out-promote your own coaching methodology. Use LeggUP to create a range of individualized programs to coach

Enterprise Clients

Fill up your schedule and grow your business with our employee benefits customers. Create partnerships and build relationships with organizations, across the globe.

Faster Payments

With integrated bookkeeping and the ability to create invoices and keep track of your payments, you can say goodbye to chasing customers.

Reliable Platform

Fall in love with our beautiful and easy to use platform, with 5 Factor Personality assessments, Pre-populated coaching plans, video, messaging, and the ability to record and save sessions to review later.

Learn from the Community

Get connected with up-to-date resources, networking opportunities, and other training tools to help you grow as a coach!

Add Clients To Your Practice

Our business layers on what you're already accomplishing as a trusted Business & Career Coach

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Coach Onboarding Process

At LeggUP, we pride ourselves on the caliber of our coaches. Prospective coaches must display a demonstrably rich background in business and coaching. In addition, here’s what you’ll need to join the team:

An ICF (International Coach Federation) credential


A Graduate degree, plus significant industry experience


In lieu of Advanced degree, at least 10 years industry experience (on exception)

If you are currently credentialed by the ICF, we know you are the real deal! You are eligible for a quick-enrollment into the LeggUP system. For all coaches, once you complete your profile information, we'll schedule a quick interview or chemistry call to talk about coaching, your experience, and LeggUP's values before joining you into the ranks!

LeggUP Coach Setup Process

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Global Coaching

LeggUP gives you global reach. Here is a list of currencies that can be accepted on the LeggUP platform.

Australia (AU)
Hong Kong (HK)
Portugal (PT)
Austria (AT)
Ireland (IE)
Singapore (SG)
Belgium (BE)
Italy (IT)
Spain (ES)
Canada (CA)
Japan (JP)
Sweden (SE)
Denmark (DK)
Luxembourg (LU)
Switzerland (CH)
Germany (DE)
Netherlands (NL)
United Kingdom (GB)
Finland (FI)
New Zealand (NZ)
United States (US)
France (FR)
Norway (NO)

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