For Distribution Partners

Your complete human capital management partner

Development Opportunities

are now the #1 requested employee benefit*

The key to attracting and retaining business is offering services that have value. As your Human Capital Management Partner, we’ll give you the tools you need to make the sale, keep your clients happy and their employees engaged. Like wellness, a company’s culture, talent and strategy has a profound impact on business results and creating healthier long-term employees.

* Human Capital Institute 2017

We seek long term strategic partnerships. Ideally, we look for 10 year and greater relationships that can enhance the lives of all constituents in the employee benefits and human capital management business.

Tom Finn, Co-Founder, CEO of LeggUP

For Employee Benefits Brokers And Consultants

No matter what size or industry of your customer, Development Opportunities are an employee benefit need in today’s business environment and LeggUP can deliver. You may not have thought that human capital management would be a part of your employee benefits practice, but we make it seamless for you add this benefit to your client’s portfolio.

We have the voluntary and employer paid programs your clients are looking for to retain and develop their people. Each program comes with bevvy of features and the most competitive career development and business coaching prices. We’ll help you drive sales, retain clients, increase revenue and grow your business. Best of all, commissions can be added to all enterprise products.

For Platform's

Gain a competitive advantage by adding career development services to your existing voluntary benefits platform business. You can make our services your own by embedding them into your current product offerings and distribute career development products to a local or global audience. We work seamlessly with your organization to develop a strategic on-boarding plan and can add or remove commissions for your block of business as you see fit.

For TPA’s, Exchanges And Carriers

Enhance your enterprise sales strategy.

Whether you’re offering Voluntary Benefits, Employer Paid, Self Funded or Fully Insured products LeggUP has an Employee Benefits model to add to your existing products. Our fully supported professional coaching programs and services will strengthen your business relationships, support your members and enhance your sales and marketing efforts. Finding value added products and services to bundle into your healthcare or ancillary product solutions doesn’t have to be difficult.

Coaching Practices

You’re already a vertically integrated coaching practice, but are having a hard time scaling to meet customer demand. Not to worry, our team at LeggUP can help your practice scale while collecting a referral fee for bringing your enterprise customers to the platform. Here you can coach, collect additional revenue and most importantly keep your customers happy.

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