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Your Career

LeggUP coaching creates a trusting environment to uncover opportunities for growth and empowerment through an inspirational partnership. Transformational professional coaching combined with ‘’how to” training creates a unique individual experience.

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Human Touch

One-on-one coaching sessions build deeper connections between you and your coach. Our ICF certified professionals, representing 20 countries and 10 languages, bring cultural understanding and diversity of thought to every session. You can be confident that when you work with a LeggUP coach, you’re working with the best.

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Privacy By Design

LeggUP takes your privacy seriously and all of your coaching sessions are confidential. The information discussed will not be shared with your employer, manager, supervisor or anyone outside of your individualized LeggUP coaching relationship, even the team at LeggUP.

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Our members typically choose to meet with their coach every 2 weeks, but you set the schedule that works best for you.

People Science
LeggUP LABS (Learning And Behavioral Science) Ph.D’s and data scientists curated and developed evidence-based assessments to measure Productivity and Wellbeing. This data-driven process measures your career competency, your goals for the future, and even, the amount of stress you’re under in your job.
Impactful AI
LeggUP’s Learning Style Assessment quickly captures individual learning traits to aid in matching you with a coach who understands and delivers coaching in a similar manner. LeggUP’s algorithm matches you with a coach who specializes in your industry, career level, development goals and learning style.
Secure Platform Integrations
LeggUP partners with industry leaders to provide robust video conferencing, flexible scheduling and secure payments in one integrated experience. Your one-on-one sessions can be conducted via a video conference on your computer, tablet, or phone.

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Lifelong Learning

Whether you are in the cubicle or the boardroom, LeggUP will be there to guide you in your career. You'll feel intrinsically motivated and guided, while being provided with meaningful and accessible career support. Should you leave or retire from your company, you may transfer coverage to an individual account at any time

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LeggUP can also be offered as a voluntary or employer paid benefit. Ask your employer to add this valuable perk to your employee benefits package.