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  • Create a free coach profile
  • Gain access to more coaching prospects than ever before
  • Stand out -promote your own coaching methodology
  • Simplify your day with our free software for your existing private clients
  • Review 5 Factor Personality assessments to get a head start on your coaching plans
  • Create invoices and keep track of your payments with our integrated billing system
  • Up-to-date coaching resources, networking opportunities, and other training from LeggUP

* All coaches are subject to meeting LeggUP coaching qualifications and interviews.

Individual Learners

$10 / Participant Per Month
$10 Participant Per Month
$10 Participant
Per Month
  • Search a wide variety of global coaches
  • Global coaches available through integrated video meetings
  • Free chemistry sessions with coaches
  • Perfect for individuals looking for career development
  • Pay coaches as you go, no long-term commitment
  • No employer sponsorship required
  • Service support center

Enterprise Clients

$5 / Participant Per Month
$5 Participant Per Month
$5 Participant
Per Month
  • Provide employees with pre-paid Career Coaching
  • Set a managed coaching budget within your employee wallet
  • Select as low as 10 employees to get coaching from private coaching pool
  • HR/talent dashboard, employee progress reports and measurement
  • Private enterprise co-branded employee portal
  • Secure sign-in with name@company.com e-mail address
  • Employee communication materials
  • Service support center

Distribution Partners


  • Offer Development Opportunities to your new and existing clients
  • Create more value offering voluntary benefits or employer paid product options
  • Differentiate your existing benefits practice with Human Capital Management services
  • Bundle our services into your healthcare or ancillary product solutions
  • Scale career coaching to small group, mid market and national accounts enterprises
  • Benefit from our flexible incentive options