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Workplace Wellbeing

An Integrated Platform

LeggUP provides a fully integrated end-to-end career development platform that allows employees at all levels of a company to search for career coaches to advance your career. Our wide variety of global coaches ensures you’ll find the right fit. Our coaches encourage diversity of thought, have various styles or approaches and speak many languages to meet your dynamic career needs!

Lifetime Learners

Our personalized experience motivates and engages all employees to take charge of your professional career development. At LeggUP our Lifetime Learners are part of a community where you can do your best work!

Become an Empowered
Employee Leader Manager Contributor Friend Colleague Human

Career happiness is achievable and finding the right career coach will give you just the LeggUP you need to get ahead. Happiness in your career has exponential benefits in other areas too. Of course, it provides deeper engagement and higher output in work performance, but it also leads to lower stress and anxiety. With the right frame of mind at work you'll be unstoppable in all aspects of your life.

A Career Coach from LeggUP can get you looking forward to Monday mornings!

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What We Offer

For Coaches

Coaching Fueled By Connection

Find more clients, develop your business, and gain access to a better kind of coaching.

For learners

Career Wellbeing In Your Pocket

Push your career to the next step, refine your team, and benefit from a commitment to your best self.

For HR & Talent Leaders

Growth and Wellbeing Enrichment

Development opportunities are the number 1 requested employee benefit. Give it to your teams.

For Distribution Partners

Lifelong Growth as an Employee Benefit

You play an important role in connecting the leaders of the future - with their future.