Mission of LeggUP LABS

LeggUP LABS’ mission is to stay at the forefront of professional development. We recruit top talent that provide a holistic approach to career coaching that delivers results.

Evidence-Based Career Coaching

LeggUP Learning and Behavioral Science (LABS) division is the foundation of our Evidence-Based Career Coaching. Our team of PhDs, behavioral scientists, coaches and analysts have developed a member focused approach to professional development. Evidence-Based Career Coaching is built on the four pillars of our Career Pulse Assessment, Organizational Context and Goals, Self-Directed Member Growth, and the Coaching Partnership.

Career Pulse Assessment

Using supporting evidence from the four key domains that directly relate to coaching, behavioral sciences, positive psychology, leadership and organizational psychology, LeggUP LABS developed the Career Pulse Assessment to accurately identify the development level of each member. With a strong focus on Productivity and Wellbeing, the assessment report allows for highly informed decisions about planning and selection of appropriate coaching topics for custom programming. LeggUP’s Evidence-Based Career Coaching links assessment results with coaching best practices and targeted, self-directed learning for the most powerful, holistic and efficacious approach to date.

Self-Directed Member Growth

For a member who has committed to finding real growth, LeggUP LABS has curated 40+ coaching topics and a system to ensure each member finds a comprehensive solution for their specific needs. We guide the member through every step of the process and have created support materials that not only deepen their understanding of the topic, but better prepare them for the 1-on-1 conversation with their coach. These tools provide the continuity between sessions to create a harmonistic approach to professional development.

Coaching Partnership

The coaching partnership is paramount to a successful engagement. LeggUP holds coaches to a strict code of ethics and integrity. We recognize that real growth cannot occur without a deep trust between the member and coach so that confidentiality is wholly protected. LeggUP maintains a rich network of coaches from all industries and experiences, which brings an unmatched level of diversity of culture and thought. The coach provides the vital aspect of accountability to foster real change through our high-impact programs.

Coach Matching

In order to create a successful engagement, LeggUP LABS uses our proprietary coach matching algorithm to present recommendations to each member based on their profile and assessment results. LeggUP also accounts for each member’s learning style to better pair them with a coach who can present information and ask questions in the right way to make best use of each session. This science-backed method results in a more impactful experience.

Coaching Topics

A woman holds a few professional development books in her arms in a library.

LeggUP LABS’ behavioral scientists curate a library of 40+ coaching topics. We focus on both providing timeless, proven concepts as well as the latest in organizational behavior breakthroughs. Our deep knowledge base provides custom solutions to fit any member’s goals.

Member Experience

LeggUP LABS is focused on creating a powerful member experience that caters not only to the individual who has never received coaching but also the seasoned professional who is returning for additional support. Our team continues to tailor the onboarding experience to guide members through every step of the process for seamless flow from sign up to scheduling.

Throughout the process, members are asked to provide feedback for their coach and program. LeggUP LABS continually incorporates this data into our development for constant improvements. The results are an agile system that is always relevant yet timeless.