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Fulfillment exists at work, and LeggUp coaches help you and your team find it!

Career Harmony

Coaching isn’t just for executives anymore. The professional world is on fire with the idea of career coaching for all. More and more people are turning to individual Career Coaching as a tool to stimulate their professional lives. Still, if you’re new to the concept, you may have a few questions about professional coaching.

Career Coaching is an ongoing option for all employees who are inspired to:

  • Add clarity and context to their goals.
  • Acquire effective career skills.
  • Gain accountability and identify blind spots.
  • Become more efficient.
  • Be happier at work! (which is just about everyone…)

The combination of persistence and curiosity is a very good predictor of employee success in a knowledge economy.

Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Alphabet

What LeggUP does for You

Qualified Coaches

All our coaches have been rigorously screened to ensure that they meet the LeggUP standards, and many are credentialed by the International Coach Federation, ICF.

Global Access

Finding the right match is absolutely key to creating a good coaching relationship. Connect with the worldwide LeggUP community to find the right coach.

Industry Specific

Find a coach to match your industry specialization, or branch out to benefit from a new perspective.

Easy and Secure Interface

Enjoy a seamless and safe experience connecting with, learning from, and paying your coach, no matter where you are.

Better Tech, Better Learning

Get plugged in with video, messaging, interactive whiteboard, file sharing, and ability to record and save your sessions for later.

Personalized and Flexible

Find the coach that fits your needs the best, and try out multiple coaching styles and methodologies. You can create a customized coaching plan with the help of your coach to meet or exceed your goals.

Our LeggUP Coaches

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When you're connected with the right coach, it feels like you've got a secret weapon - like you've got rocket fuel in your tank! LeggUP makes finding and benefiting from the coach a whole lot easier.

How LeggUP Works

Start with our intuitive skills questionnaire or pick one of our 9 learning modules that can be customized by each coach to ensure maximum creativity and Career Development

  1. Connect

    Use our simple platform to find the perfect coach to match your needs. You can target your search with a range of criteria and read reviews to narrow down your preference.

  2. Engage
  3. Schedule a free initial Chemistry Call with your new coach to see if you’re a good match. Meetings happen right within the LeggUP platform.

  4. Grow!
  5. With easy scheduling, in-session payments, and a robust virtual meeting room, it’s easy to gain that career development LeggUP!

Not convinced? We’d love to hear your questions